Moore Fight Moore Strong



Since the beginning of my journey I have had an outpouring of love and support from family and friends.  When I was diagnosed my “family” grew bigger than I could ever have imagined.  I am reminded constantly how truly blessed I am to have so many amazing people in my life.  From the beginning I wanted to be open and share my journey, in the hopes of keeping everyone informed and understand the trials and tribulations of battling cancer, as well as raise awareness for Metastatic  Breast Cancer. I knew that I would need the support, both Matt and I would.  For me this was difficult, I was use to helping others, and I found it hard at times to admit I needed help.  While I began my journey, my best friend, Laura worked to rally the troops; and by rally I mean create a large army of supporters who have been with me every step of the way, never missing a beat.   


“Moore Fight Moore Strong” became the slogan for my fight, my husband Matt is credited with the words that remind me everyday why I will never stop fighting.  Laura and a group of our friends ran with it, before I knew it there were bracelets circulating showing support for MFMS.  I can remember the day I received a text from Laura, she was excited to show me the new bracelets; I cried, not in a bad way but because it was my reality.  She had also worked tirelessly finding anyway she could to help us.   I recall the day I got the call from Laura to check out something she had come up with, I cried because I was overwhelmed with feelings of gratitude.  I had no idea that while I was focused on fighting breast cancer, Laura stayed up late nights doing what she could to help me during my journey, for that I’m beyond grateful .  She rallied the troops, came up with a website to share our story and helped Matt and I update family and friends through our journey.  The website along with Facebook continues to be the voice for us during my journey.  It has helped relieve some of the stress of being able to keep everyone updated and communicate how my fight is going.   I cried, yes again, I do a lot of crying; when I heard the website song, Alicia Keys “Girls on Fire”, Laura shared with me that Matt had chosen that song for me, he knew if anyone was going to fight and never give up it would be me.  Laura and a team of close friends and family worked tirelessly to spread the word about Moore Fight Moore Strong, share our story and fundraise so that I could focus my attention fighting the toughest fight I would ever face.  She wanted to ensure that I could concentrate on just me, staying healthy,  fighting and taking care of me, not worrying about the financial burden and to not be  stressed.  My only job, her words, was to fight.  As with cancer or any illness, the stresses of everyday life still exist, and for me I worried.  I was no longer going to be working, and wasn’t sure how long that would be or how we would be able to sustain me not working.  I was scared thinking about how we would manage, or how would the day to day things be taken care of, but our friends and family (MFMS) rallied together and helped relieve those fears.   Words of encouragement, positive thoughts and prayers were sent through the website, cards in the mail, just offering hope, reminders that I was not facing this alone.  To this day I still look back and feel truly blessed to have so many supporting me.  There is no doubt that through the struggles everyday that I think about all the people standing behind me, and that is a reminder to me why I fight.  I have so much to live for, and fight for; MFMS reminds me of that and the people who take the time out of their busy lives to support me.  



Laura and the MFMS team organize fundraisers to help me as I battle MBC, and adjust to what is my new normal.  The first fundraiser was held at a local restaurant that I had worked at for years, the owner and staff are like family to me and without hesitation they wanted to help me, I was honored.   I could not believe how amazing the day was, I was overwhelmed by the love and support that day.  People I have known for a lifetime or didn’t even know at all came out to show their support to Matt and I.  I can’t begin to express how grateful we were that day and every day.  Fundraising efforts continued by the MFMS team, and the team grew larger than I could have imagined and continues to grow.  The first annual wiffleball tournament that was organized was outstanding.  It was beyond my wildest imagination to have pictured a day like that, and never did I think anything could top that day, but I knew I was crazy to doubt Laura and the team.  The wiffleball tournament is a wonderful day for families to enjoy, and to me that is what makes it so special.  The day is filled with friends and family coming together; having fun, kids running around playing and teams having fun competing for the Jessica Noonan-Moore Cup.  I love to see everyone having fun and smiling, truly a great day.   I am humbled that so many people gather to support me and my fight, and again it is a reminder to me why I will never give up fighting.   Every event MFMS has held has been the best, and I cannot thank all of the MFMS supporters for all that they do. 


Moore Fight Moore Strong empowers me to keep fighting, on the toughest days, or when I’m feeling not so strong I reflect on how far I have come and the support I have.  I will forever be grateful for MFMS and all my support, you are all truly amazing, I can’t thank you enough.  

Just this week MFMS came out in full force to raise awareness for Metastatic Breast Cancer, #MetsMonday was an effort to bring much needed attention to MBC.  MFMS not only raised awareness, every member of our MFMS family without hesitation flooded social media, bringing attention to MBC.  I read every single post by MFMS supporters; I am grateful to have all of you in my life, thank you for joining this fight with me, and helping to raise awareness.  Much love to all of the MFMS supporters, you truly make a difference in my journey. 


Moore Fight Moore Strong!

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