Pinktober…MBC deserves more

  It has been a few weeks since I have blogged, I do apologize and I am getting back on track. The last few weeks have been faced with the loss of friends fighting their own cancer; more bumps in the road in my own fight and with that comes the emotional roller coaster. Many know that in the next week or so, I will potentially be faced with changing my treatment course again, however Matt and I and the Army of supporters behind me are holding out hope that just maybe I will have some good results in the next week. For now I will hold on to that hope.

We are now in the midst of Pinktober. A month long campaign that raises awareness for breast cancer and the importance of research needed to find a cure and more importantly education so that people can understand the impact breast cancer has on patients. Let the flood of pink this month serve as a reminder to people of cancer’s real impact on so many lives, and of the importance of continued support. This includes support for patients who are currently in treatment, for survivors, for honoring and remembering those who have been lost to cancer, and to emphasize how truly vital the research is in the fight against breast cancer. I wholeheartedly support raising awareness, educating, and supporting the research needed for breast cancer. This is inclusive of Metastatic Breast Cancer, which for decades little was spoken about MBC, and honestly MBC and those living and fighting every day deserve more. Metavivor is an organization dedicated to awareness, education and raising funds for MBC research. MBC often referred to as the “The Elephant in the Pink Room”, needs more attention. Metavivor started a campaign, to do exactly that. is dedicated to raising awareness and highlighting the importance of research for fighting MBC too. As stated on their page, “Simply put, 30% of patients with breast cancer are not adequately represented. In the “pink room” of the breast cancer conversation there’s an elephant being ignored — we the 30% of patients with breast cancer who metastasize.” Breast cancer is the leading cause of deaths among women worldwide; for anyone diagnosed with breast cancer they live with the fear that their breast cancer will metastasize, and despite how far we have come in prevention, early detection and treatment 30% of those diagnosed do in fact have their cancer spread outside of the breast. A person with MBC is given a five year survival rate, and that depends on the degree of cancer; I certainly will fight to far exceed this survival rate but I know the importance funding for research is needed to do so.   
I am grateful to have the Moore Fight Moore Strong Army behind me, supporting, fighting and educating every step of the way. The army of supporters are using their voices to make change and have stepped up and taken my goal of bringing more attention to MBC as their own goal. Collectively we are heightening the awareness that living with MBC is real, it’s a daily fight. I have sincere gratitude to all of MFMS’ Army, together we are making noise. Through various social media avenues together we are doing our part. I could not be prouder of the MFMS Army and what they are doing to do their part to bring Metastatic Breast Cancer to the forefront in the sea of pink. It is important for everyone to learn and understand exactly what you are supporting and how the funds raised are utilized. 
It is my hope that I can raise awareness and educate throughout my MBC journey. I am fighting to live every day, do I consider myself a survivor; I am not sure I see myself as surviving and thriving. I am facing my fight with MBC every day, continually educating and advocating for the absolute best treatment options. There are a lot of unknowns and things about living with MBC I cannot control but what I can do is never stop fighting, hoping and believing that I too can make a difference by educating and raising awareness. With funding for further research and newer drugs to be developed to combat MBC, more lives will be saved and all patients living with breast cancer will have hope.  
Breast Cancer Awareness Month has done an enormous job of jump starting fundraising for breast cancer, which in turn fuels the research and educates many about breast cancer. I look at this month as a chance to help MBC patients and those who fight alongside them stand out and get the attention they deserve too. The same support and research for Metastatic Breast Cancer is extremely important for all stages considering 30% of women who are considered cured from breast cancer metastasize.      
 Moore Fight Moore Strong!!

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